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Building in France

Below are a collection of example projects I have undertaken in France plus additional helpful information:

French Property Service

I can provide you with architectural services in France, as well as:

  • Help in your dealings with local maire.
  • I can negotiate with the DDE (Planning technical office).
  • Offer advice if your building is classé ‘monument historique’ (a listed building).
  • I can undertake for you the sometimes complicated process of applying for a permis de construire (planning/building permit).
  • I speak both fluent English and French, this means communication between me, you and any French authorities is clear and consistent all of the time.

To view projects in France, feel free to click on the images below or use the RIGHT menu>>>

Example Projects

Tips for building in France

Before you buy a property:

  • Does the property need restoration?
  • Although property is cheaper in France than in the UK, cost of building is comparable.
  • Will the cost of restoration be more than the value of the property when finished?
  • Property price inflation traditionally is less than in the UK.
  • If the property is not a dwelling, will I get permission to convert it to a residence?
  • An early visit to the mairie will give you an indication.
  • If I buy a plot, how can I be sure that I can build on it?
  • When buying a plot for building make sure that it comes with a ‘Certificat d’Urbanisme’ covering the size and type of property you want to build.
  • If your property is isolated, will the cost of bringing services be prohibitive?
  • Make enquiries at the mairie. They will put you in touch with the public utility companies.

For any further pre purchase information, please contact Cedric Mitchell on 01243 773166.

Building permits

How the system works:

  • Your first port of call will always be the mairie where you can find out if your project is likely to be acceptable and where you can get a form for a ‘demande de permis de construire’ (Roughly the equivalent to our planning permission).
  • If you are planning to make the application yourself, make sure that your total floor area (on all floors) is less than 170 square meters (If you are planning an extension, this includes the current space and the area of the new extension).
  • Above that figure, law requires you to employ a French registered architect.
  • In terms of what you can and cannot build this is governed by the ‘Plan d’Occupation du Sol’ (POS) which is roughly equivalent to a village or town plan.
  • Normally, this document can be consulted at the mairie.
  • If your project is very small you will still have to complete a ‘Declaration de Travaux Exemptes de Permis de Construire’.
  • When you start work on site you need to submit a ‘Declaration d’Ouverture de Chantier’.
  • If you need to change part of the plan (different windows or roof etc) you must submit a ‘Demande de Permis de Construire Modicatif’.
  • At the end of the project you must submit a ‘Declaration d’Achevement des travaux’.
  • If all has gone according to plan, you will receive a ‘Certificate de Conformité’.

Click here for some useful French to English language for when building in France.

For more information on architecture and building in France, please contact Cedric Mitchell on 01243 773166.